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For the security of your finances and you.

As a legal liability for every motor vehicle plying on road third party insurance is mandatory in India. When met with an accident, the damage occurred to the third party, i.e the person other than car driver and owner is covered by third party insurance. When a person fails to obtain valid third party insurance papers, they are levied a fine.

Experts recommend to go for a all-around coverage that offers first party damage coverage along with third party damage coverage. With all around coverage the damage occurred to your dear vehicle, and to the driver if any is also covered. This type of insurance is ideal, as it not only protects you against legal liabilities but also protect you from thefty expenses.

As per the revised motor vehicle act, fines for violating traffic rules are at its peak. We hope you would not want to pay your hard earned money in a fine. And that is why we made sure that our customers get expert insurance assistance, right before making their buy.

Your problem for researching through multiple service providers, and deciding which to choose is made much easier. All this for you to enjoy a hassle-free purchase experience at Vimco

At Vimco, we will always stick to our promise of offering you 360 degree assistance, and experience that is unbeatable in every aspect,

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